Reforestation at Greenwood Farm

Westminster, Maryland Installation 2003

“This project demonstrates a radical potential for new material to emerge. The inherited, erratic-edged stream, offering opportunity for response and reaction, has inspired a creative plan and planting from which an amazingly beautiful tapestry will emerge.” Comments from AIA Baltimore Jury 2005 Stephen Kieran, FAIA; Frank Matero, AIA; and Ali Rahim, AIA.

The Reforestation at Greenwood Farm Project recognizes the plantings of 20,000 trees, of varying native species in varying soil conditions, as a ‘man made landscape’ within the historic traditions of agriculture.As designers, we saw an opportunity to make a system for organizing species and for implementing that system over many acres.  The design incorporates the variations in leaf colors, tree heights and branch densities.Through a 16-tree module with alternate placeholders, the location of a single tree could be established within the weave of tree species.  Hand cards with the module were used by individuals while planting in the field.  Reference points established through counting notation provided enough organization for the adaptable plan to develop and spread.  Alternate positions in the modules allowed for tree species to be exchanged as required by local soil conditions. 

The system oscillates between the establishment of a global view of the landscape and the specific conditions of each planted region.