Fort Ethan Allen

Arlington, VA

A new interpretative exhibition to educate visitors about the history of Fort Ethan Allen during the Civil War.

Fort Ethan Allen was an earth fortification built to defend Washington DC by commanding the approach to the Chain Bridge over the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia. Built by troops from Vermont in September 1861, the fort was named in honor of Ethan Allen, Vermont's famous Revolutionary War commander. While there was no military action at Fort Ethan Allen during the American Civil War; the most memorable wartime occurrence at Fort Ethan Allen was a visit by President Abraham Lincoln, one of the few visits to a Washington fort he ever made.
The remains of Fort Ethan Allen’s earthen walls are now overgrown, but segments of the south face, the gun platforms, one bombproof, traces of a stone magazine and a guardhouse still can be identified. A portion of the original rifle trench can be seen at the south end of Fort Ethan Allen Park adjacent to Glebe Road Park. The Project includes establishing vignettes of information, rebuilding of artillery platforms and introducing monumental works. The intervention creates an awareness of an overlooked historic presence within a Virginia Community.

In cooperation w/ Faster Kitty, LLC
Bronze Fort Model by Christopher Erney