Dual Rotation

Baltimore, MD, USA
Installation for Artscape, 2015

The work is a ribbon assembly of triangulated mirrored aluminum and dichroic filmed plexiglas The ribbon or net is 2' w x 48' anchored to concrete piers at sides and shaft columns. Each ribbon is a dichroic color rotating clockwise 360 degrees. The triangulation of the pieces shifts from interior to exterior through the rotation.

The work was created as part of a temporary outdoor exhibition for Artscape embracing ideas of water movement, light & reflection. It explores the use of primary elements, structural ideals, geometry and color. The festival curators expressed the need for a work to span a portion of the festival path. It became important to relate the work to Penn Station in orientation.

Communication between city engineers, festival participants and coordinators was critical to the work's installation. Height restrictions as well as anchoring constraints and wind loading were major concerns that were addressed.